April 8, 2015

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Hey Guys & Girls,

Now before you get sooooo excited and find yourself lost in our blogishpere, be warned…

Although we have tons of cool projects and photos of our work, we really wanted to dedicate a space for the newbies  in video production, the seasoned pros and just for those who are curious about what is it that us production people do (and how we, as industry professionals, set our rates and service fees)


Video Production is not for the faint at heart and if you’re seriously vested in your craft, then you’ll see and immediately relate to bitter and the sweet of what we do.


Now don’t become weary! This can be tough, but I’ve learned that it’s only so much easier when we all open up, share our challenges, share our victories, and CELEBRATE each win.


With that being said, please feel free do dig in, learn, and contact us if you have any specific video production questions.


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